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Frequenty Asked Questions

How much do services cost?

There is no cost for services. Fourcast’s substance use and problem gambling services are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

What kinds of people use your service?

We see people from all walks of life. From factory workers, to people in retail, to professionals, to stay at home moms. Because our service is funded by the Ministry of Health, there are no financial barriers to receiving service. People who could easily afford private counselling come to us because of our expertise in helping people with substance abuse and gambling problems.

How many appointments can I have?

There is no set amount of appointments for clients. The number and frequency of individual and/or group sessions will be based on decisions you make with your Counsellor.

What happens when I make the first call or visit the office?

You will speak with an Intake Worker within a short period of time depending on availability of staff. That person will listen to your concerns and assist you in accessing the most appropriate services for your needs as soon as possible. You do not have to make any commitment at this time but you will find information and support for your decision-making.

Do they have to be referred by someone or self?

Fourcast encourages individuals to make the initial contact with an intake worker on their own. This could happen with a phone call or a visit to our agency. Professional referrals are not required to access services however, many community agencies direct their clients to Fourcast.

What can I do about my Family member who has a problem?

Fourcast offers individual and group counselling opportunities for those affects by another’s substance use or problem gambling.

What do we do in our groups?

There are different types of groups that are offered at Fourcast. Clients are referred into groups by counsellors. The groups range from educational to support groups facilitated by our own counsellors. All group referrals will be made based on the clients interest and ability to participate in this type of treatment option.

How do I get referred to a residential treatment program?

In order to access residential treatment programs in Ontario clients are required to complete an standardized assessment. The outcome of this assessment provides the basis for linking clients to the most appropriate level of service to meet their treatment needs. In the event that the assessment indicates that a person would benefit from a residential treatment program Fourcast will make that referral, support the individual while they wait for admission and arrange for ongoing treatment upon completion of the residential treatment option.