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Breaking Free

What is Breaking Free?

Breaking Free from Substance Use is an evidence-based digital behaviour change program that allows people to recognize and actively address the psychological and lifestyle issues that are driving their use of alcohol and/or drugs, so helping to support their recovery.

Based on Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness and other proven therapeutic approaches, the program gives people a comprehensive toolkit of resources, positive coping strategies and proven behaviour change techniques to support their long-term recovery.

Who is Breaking Free suitable for?

Breaking Free is suitable for anyone whose life is being significantly affected, or whose health is being damaged, by their drinking or use of drugs.

It enables people to address their dependence on alcohol or any type of drug.

It is equally effective for people who want to reduce their drinking or drug use to less harmful levels or those who need to stop completely because their substance use has become severe.

It can strengthen every stage of the recovery journey, from initial engagement and motivation through active intervention to supporting people’s long-term recovery.

What is the cost of Breaking Free?

Breaking Free is FREE!

How to Access?

Go to or Click Here

Use Service Code: fourcast21 to create an account.