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Counselling – Individual and Group


At Fourcast we believe that the best way to begin addiction treatment is through an assessment. This helps everyone involved realize the impact that substance use or gambling has on an individual’s life. This process involves the completion of a provincially standardized addiction assessment. The outcome of this process provides clients with valuable information that helps them determine treatment decisions which best suit their needs.

Individual & Group Counselling

While treatment plans differ on a case by case basis, we believe that the majority of these treatment plans can be addressed on an out-patient basis.

We have been running groups virtually via Zoom and are re-introducing some in-person. Please contact us for more information.


Clients are linked to a primary counsellor where treatment plans are established and the Counsellor offers specialized individual and group treatment options. When required, referrals are provided to other addiction or local community resources including:

  • Residential Withdrawal Management Services
  • Residential Treatment (short & long term)
  • Other Community Agencies


Clients can participate in a wide range of group treatment sessions on topics that meet their specific needs. Groups include:

  1. Getting Started – a six-week group program intended for clients who are in the early stages of treatment. This program provides an introduction to helpful coping strategies necessary for clients looking to make changes in their life and move forward with their goals. Clients can access this group at any time.
  2. Relapse Prevention – a weekly group program providing support for clients with moderate to severe substance abuse problems and/or problem gambling concerns. It is appropriate for individuals that are already connected to a counsellor at Fourcast, and have established goals related to their issues. Clients learn to recognize triggers and high-risk situations while developing effective coping methods. This group allows clients to join a session at the beginning of each month.
  3. Options – a two-session early intervention group for adults that have not yet set a substance use goal. The program is designed to motivate and provide educational information for the client while they reflect on their current situation. Information regarding the risks related to substance use is intended to assist them in making more informed decisions.
  4. Weekend Planning – we recognize that weekends can be a triggering time for many people.  This drop-in group looks at ways we can make changes in our life to feel safer, healthier and stronger.  You will develop a plan for dealing with triggers and risks that may occur over the weekend, as well as talk about other parts of your life that impact your wellbeing, such as sleep, nutrition, and stress.
  5. Seeking Safety – Seeking Safety is the most advanced, and therapy-focused group. It is a 12 week trauma recovery group that runs a few times each year. It explores the link between trauma and substance use.  The Seeking Safety group aims to help group members develop a better understanding of what trauma is; how it is affecting them today; and most importantly building new ways of coping and inner resilience. There are two groups, a men’s only and women’s only group.
  6. Acu-detox – Auricular Acupuncture is a non-verbal therapy that occurs in a group format and involves the insertion of five very fine needles into each ear. Acu-detox has been shown to provide both physical and emotional relief, and assist in managing withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and cravings to use substances. Clients can be referred directly from Intake or through their counsellor.  A review of the information sheets and consents signed must occur prior to their first treatment.

Family Programs

We also offer individual and group counselling for those affected by individuals with alcohol, drug or gambling related problems. The individual struggling with addictions need not be our client in order to access these services.

We offer 3 Family Program Options

  1. Family Information Sessions – The Family Information group is the first step for family and friends who have loved ones who struggle with substance use.  This introductory information session provides a brief overview of addiction, as well as the services Fourcast and surrounding services can provide for you and your loved one. This group helps to figure out what the best next steps could be and what options are available.
  2. Family Education Programs – The focus of this group is on topics that family members find most helpful to discuss, such as setting boundaries or effective communication. This is a small group setting with only a few members each week, in order to allow everyone a chance to take part in the discussions..
  3. Family Support Groups – This is the most advanced group provided for family and loved ones of people struggling with substance use.  Family Support is a closed, 10 week support group that focuses on each family members’ experience. This is a therapy-focused process group that aims to help each member find healing and support from others in the group through sharing and connection with others.