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Partner Agencies and Projects

In addition to lead agency Fourcast, the following organizations are directly involved in helping the CTS provide the services and supports it needs to function day-to-day. The collective strength of the staff who offer a broad reach of health services and related supports helps the CTS address the many interconnected issues that relate to the drug poisoning crisis.


PARN – Your Community AIDS Resource Network is a community-based agency providing support and health promotion for people living with or affected by HIV and/or AIDS. PARN provides education for people at risk for HIV and awareness of AIDS issues to the broader community. The agency also provides harm reduction supplies to people who use injection and inhalation drugs in order to reduce the risk of HIV transmission and other blood-borne infections.

Peterborough Public Health

Public health is shaped by our social, economic, and physical environments, as well as by our personal choices. Through community programs and by developing better health policies, Peterborough Public Health works to improve the living conditions of those in need for the benefit of all.

We serve residents throughout the City and County of Peterborough, as well as Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations, and offer a wide range of programs and services ranging from healthy eating workshops, poverty reduction initiatives to controlling infectious disease outbreaks, water safety and oral health and sexual health clinic services.

360 Degree Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

The Peterborough 360 Degree Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic (NPLC) is a primary care clinic that is directed primarily towards people who experience barriers to health care access. The team is comprised of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, and a dietitian, along with support staff. The NPLC is committed to improving health equity and access to the social determinants of health – things like food, income, and safe housing.

Peterborough County-City Paramedics

Peterborough County-City Paramedics provides emergency medical care to residents and visitors of Peterborough County and the City of Peterborough. This paramedic service has highly trained professionals comprised of two levels: Advanced Care Paramedics and Primary Care Paramedics.



The Mobile Support Overdose Resource Team (MSORT) is a collaborative pilot project serving people in Peterborough City and County with the intent to reduce overdoses and minimize the risk of harms related to overdose and substance use, especially opioids. The project is designed to enhance our community’s response to the opioid/drug poisoning/overdose crisis. MSORT has frontline staff from PARN’s Harm Reduction Works (HRW) program, Peterborough County/City Paramedics (PCCP), and Fourcast.