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Drug Poisoning Data Resources

The poison drug supply is having a devastating effect on our region and communities across the country. The importance of tracking, reporting, and sharing data among communities within the Peterborough region can help to provide emergency alerts and potentially save lives.

Opioid Harm Data Portal

Peterborough Public Health monitors opioid-related data in four key areas the City of Peterborough City, Peterborough County, Hiawatha First Nation, and Curve Lake First Nation. This includes paramedic calls for service, emergency department visits, and deaths. Data is monitored through the Peterborough Opioid Early Warning and Surveillance System.

This data is made available through a public-facing interactive dashboard hosted on the Peterborough Public Health website. To access Peterborough Public Health’s Opioid Harm Data Portal CLICK HERE.

Drug Reporting Tool

The Drug Reporting Tool is an anonymous survey to report overdose incidents and harms in the community. Any information shared through the survey supports Peterborough Public Health and community partners in responding to and preventing drug poisonings in the Peterborough Area. To access the Drug Reporting Tool CLICK HERE.